Asia Pacific Superyachts New Zealand is heading back to the future

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Duthie Lidgard of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ
Duthie Lidgard of Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ

In this day and age, the world is becoming “electronic” with product and services found online, at the push of the button. Although this can make a lot of things easier, people and companies become faceless and we lose the very thing that many people have learnt to love – a smiling face that offers help and support when we need it.

Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ are bringing back face to face, personal, good old fashioned customer service with a modern twist. “Our clients expect old-fashioned values and standards as part of the experience, but they also want a modern twist to accommodate 21st-century demands,” says Managing Director Duthie Lidgard. “The idea of old fashioned hospitality is something Asia Pacific Superyachts NZ pride themselves on along with honesty, trust and getting the job done”. 

Lidgard comments that “This really is our point of difference, we bring an old-fashioned ideal which I think is being lost, but it is also something that we’re very strong at. I know our team really care about providing this service.” 

With extensive experience and passion for excelling, they provide both crew and guests with the best possible experience of cruising and working in New Zealand waters – “We want them to leave happy and wanting to return because we’ve all become lifelong friends. The captains and crew trust us to do our job well and make the crew’s jobs easier. We are here for them when it all comes down to it”  
Emma Crawshay, who until recently was on the other side working on superyachts believes that “Our competitors are good – but what sets us apart is a passion for excelling at our jobs. We help to make the lives of the crew easier because we know New Zealand better than anyone else does. We want to be the support to the crew to ensure their owners get the very best that New Zealand can provide. That’s our job – supporting the vessel, supporting the crew and ensuring they can do their job and their boss is happy! We want to show you the ultimate destination experience.”

Lidgard strongly believes, “We offer the best bespoke shore support service in the world and that is strengthened through our old fashioned customer service ethos, which these days can be hard to find. We’ve looked back to be better in the future.”